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Advanced wet shaving techniques, tricks & tips

So you've got begun shaving like a person taking down that Bluebeard stubble with a double edge, single edge, or straight razor, however nonetheless have a few of that pesky stubble hanging round. Or maybe you've got been doing conventional shaving for some time, however wish to take issues to the following degree? Today we'll have a look at a handful of strategies that can show you how to get a good nearer shave and take your shaving to the following degree.

Skin stretching

First off, a easy and sensible follow is pores and skin stretching. You will see this most frequently practiced by straight razor shavers and barbers. Taking the fingers of your reverse hand, pull gently the pores and skin above the world you might be shaving. This creates a extra flat floor for the razor to glide over making a smoother and nearer shave.


The J-hook sounds identical to it's executed. You might additionally name it the pivot stroke. Draw the razor down after which swing it very flippantly in a j formed movement. This stroke is useful for shaving off these little remaining hairs, particularly in locations the place the hair adjustments route of progress or in swirls. The stroke may be reversed to an the wrong way up j for a similar impact.

Blade buffing

Blade buffing is a quite simple method however a really efficient one. Taking the razor, and with an especially gentle hand, shave over the spot shortly and repeatedly. Preferably lifting the razor between every stroke. This helps get rid of these final little patches of roughness.

Gillette Slide

The final and most intricate of the strategies is named the “Gillette Slide”. It is known as such for the method comes from printed directions included with Gillette razors manufactured across the center of the previous century. To carry out the slide pull down the razor and ahead on the identical time. Be most cautious to tug down as you pull throughout, in any other case you'll slice a line in your face, an disagreeable expertise to make sure. The Slide creates the identical impact as a slant razor each slicing and reducing on the identical time. This will increase the effectivity of the stroke particularly amongst various hair progress patterns. In order for me to attain a detailed shave on my neck across the Adam’s Apple, that is the stroke I exploit.

So now that you're shaving like a boss, you possibly can take your shave to the following degree with these strategies. Whether you employ the j-hook, buffing, or slide, simply bear in mind maintain a light-weight hand and Smooth Shaving!

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