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Ask Aaron Q/A: Do you recommend a three-pass shave?

Aaron solutions a wonderful query in regards to the deserves & pitfalls of a three-pass shave

Steven Anders, from the UK, asks:

“I am new to straight razor shaving and have been using one for about a month now. Having just about gotten used to the closeness of the shave and technique I am confused about the advice online. I have seen a lot of companines, Taylors included, which advocate a three-pass shave including against the grain, but then others say you should not do this under any circumstance. Could you claify this for me please?”

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The most important factor is discovering what works for you, and sticking with it


“Mr. Anders,

Welcome to the subjective and extremely opinionated facet of wetshaving! The opinions are many and powerful with regards to passes and grain course. Here’s my tackle all of it: do what’s greatest on your face. I personally do three passes going with, throughout, and in opposition to the grain. That’s what appears to really feel greatest for my face and life-style.

Honestly, it’s as much as you. If you really feel that your face handles in opposition to the grain properly, and you just like the closeness, by all means go for it! I do know gents who can’t and they also make a second throughout the grain go. The most important factor is discovering what works for you, and sticking with it!

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