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Get It G Razor Relief


Best Razor Bumps Treatment

Get It G Razor Relief

(30 customer reviews)
4.97 out of 5 based on 30 customer ratings


Our 4oz Get It G Razor Relief soothes razor burns and reduces the inflammation around ingrown hairs. Best used after a fresh shave to the face, bikini area, and sensitive skin all over the body. The gel formula was designed to penetrate and protect the integrity of the skin.


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Our 4oz Get It G Razor Relief is one of the best razor bumps treatment in the market. It soothes razor burns and reduces the inflammation around ingrown hairs. Best used after a fresh shave to the face, bikini area, and sensitive skin all over the body. The gel formula was designed to penetrate and protect the integrity of the skin. Get-It-G Razor Relief is an antiseptic that destroys the growth of germs and the burn by soothing the skin. Use it regularly to avoid future infection and razor bumps formation. Directions Men: Apply directly to beard or freshly shaved face and neck areas. Women: Apply to freshly waxed legs and under arms. INGREDIENTS: Water, SDA 40B Alcohol, Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Gycol Distearate (and) Coco-Glucoside (and) Glyceryl Oleate (and) Glyceryl Stearate, Salicylic Acid, Polyquaternium-37, Aloe Barbadensis, DMDM Hydantoin, Fragrance, FD&C Blue #1.

30 reviews for Get It G Razor Relief

  1. The411

    This is almost a miracle. Why the 4 stars? I found out its best when you apply the Anti Bump Skin Tonic first. Love the results. My face feels so smooth and no more bumps.

  2. CJ

    So I had ordered this from Amazon before, but I could not not wait for the few days it would take for me to receive Alpha Club 4 Men Get It G, so I went to several Wegmans stores and purchased one bottle each Get It G and Anti Bump Skin tonic. After about 2 days, I saw fantastic results. If you are a guy who has any curly hair, but are subject to ingrown hairs and razor bumps/burns, this product is for you.

  3. Darwin

    For years suffered with ingrown beard hairs and scarring for years on my cheeks and chin. My doctor tried everything short of laser hair removal (steroid creams, antifungals) all were unsuccessful. This stuff worked on the first use and price points were right in my ball park. The gel formula last all day. Great products. Continued use and friends and family noticed the difference after a month. The other reviews were on point, you have to keep using it (once after shaving instead of twice daily) or you will rebump. You have to use the Anti Bump skin tonic with it.

  4. Diane

    My boyfriend recommended this product for razor bumps. So I went to Wegmans and purchased my first bottle. Just after one use it worked. I wax my underarms and this keeps me form getting ingrown hairs, and on most days, from having to wear deodorant. This product works so well I purchased bottles for people on my job. I’m in Wegmans buying 5 and 6 at a time. I highly recommend get it g to all.

  5. Joe

    I have been a fan of get it g for a very long time and have tried other brands here and there. I won’t do that anymore. The sting is minimal and some how lasts longer for relief on the skin.It softens my skin and removed my dark shaving shadow after a year.

  6. Dante

    This product is the answer to all that bump up. I started using this product from seeing it in Wegmans and after one use I noticed a big difference. I use the Anti Bump skin tonic with the get it g. No More Bumps now I know why they named it get it g because you better get it!

  7. Pete

    I don’t know what I’d do without Get It G. Its the ONLY thing that works to keep those ingrowns at bay. I used other products but none have given me the results nor soften your skin like Get It G. Love this product!

  8. Joshua

    Not only does this help prevent and get rid of ingrown hairs and post-shaving bumps, but it also soothes my face after shaving and significantly reduces irritation. I order it online or I get it from Wegmans. Be warned it goes fast in the store so when they get it I purchase a couple.

  9. Walter

    The product definitely works.. I found the best results after about the third daily application. I like the gel formula so I don’t need to apply it with a cotton ball. Plus the gel last longer on the skin and works better. I wear shirt and ties to work and i feel zero irritation. In just 60 days my neck and face was totally clear. Forever customer.

  10. Paul

    Amazing product! I’ve been using this for over ten years.

  11. Ramond

    Keeps my sensitive areas bump free

  12. Art

    Been using this stuff for about a month and it noticeably reduced the size of my razor bumps within one day. Not trying to sell anything here, but as a 32-year old black male, this is a product I continue to use once or twice a day. It works. I rad the other reviews and wanted to jump on board with the hope it would help someone suffering from razor bumps like I was until I started using Get It G.

  13. Wegmans customer

    Worked but I didn’t read the instructions. Burned like hell. I must admit my second application was better and I don’t have any bumps. I gave it 4 stars.

  14. Keith K

    I recommending this product to anyone who will listen. This product is a miracle in a bottle. I have tightly curly hair and I haven’t had a ingrown hair since starting this product.

  15. Mark

    I’m actually in awe by how well this works. I get TERRIBLE razor burn and nasty red razor bumps – the kind that makes me wonder why I even bother. But I used this a few weeks ago, and nothing! Not a single bump! I’m very happy!

  16. Skip

    Best product ever! I use it when I shave my head. My skin looks the way it used to look when I was in high school before I started getting razor bumps. I will be using this product forever!

  17. Anna B

    I use this product on my legs and under my arms. Amazing product.

  18. Monroe

    Get rid of my razor bump like no other product

  19. Bamma

    Best after shaving product I’ve every used in my life. Works everytime!

  20. Joey

    Love the scent and no bumps. Its my go to product for ingrown hairs and pimples.

  21. Lenny

    Not good with straight razor burned like hell but the next day my bumps were gone. I called the company and they instructed me to use a hot towel after shaving before adding the get it g and it worked.

  22. Shawn

    I use to hate shaving until get it g but they should note you have to use the anti bump skin tonic first.

  23. Justin

    I can sincerely recommend it this product works

  24. B.Williams

    I shave my head daily and this product knocks out my bumps on the back of my neck. I use the anti bump skin tonic to cool down the my area before applying the get it g

  25. Charlie

    Works for me

  26. Connie

    My bumps have completely disappeared

  27. Sammy

    Was delivered next day and last for several month. I apply this product everyday.

  28. Billy J.

    Does a great job and scent is not over powering I can still wear my favorite fragrances

  29. Curtis

    Product turned my life around and removed my dark shaving area. Highly recommended

  30. BJ

    Effective on the first use and no more razor burn

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