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Should You Use a Slant Bar Razor? «

Merkur 39C Slant Bar Razor

A slant bar razor is a kind of non-adjustable razor, which means it has a fastened blade angle and publicity. What makes the slant bar distinctive is the slant of the blade, which slices by means of hair quite than chopping. A typical DE razor has a straight edge, which cuts bluntly throughout hair, pushing stubble over quite than stepping into for a clear minimize. This causes stubble that feels a bit rougher after you’ve shaved.

A slant bar doesn't push stubble over however quite rapidly slices, lowering resistance and resulting in softer stubble. Think in regards to the guillotine versus the Scottish Maiden – slicing versus blunt pressure.

Because the slant bar slices so cleanly by means of hair whereas sustaining a good hole between the razor and the pores and skin, it’s a fantastic instrument if in case you have thick, wiry hair and delicate pores and skin. When the blade doesn't push towards stubble, the stubble doesn't push towards pores and skin, which implies much less irritation and a smoother shave.

It additionally works nicely for a neck shave, the place alternating grain patterns, shifting contours, and delicate pores and skin can get the perfect of even probably the most seasoned moist shaver.

Slant bar guard (Image via Badger and Blade)

Slant bar guard (Image through Badger and Blade)

The slant bar must be your second DE razor

The incontrovertible fact that a slant bar razor cuts so effortlessly makes it a legal responsibility if you happen to press too exhausting. If you’re switching over from a cartridge razor and are used to placing strain on the razor, translating this technique to a slant bar razor will lead to bloodshed.

Since holding the correct amount of strain on the bar is so necessary, we advocate making an attempt a slant razor after you’ve mastered your method in your present security razor. You must be getting constantly clean, irritation-free shaves. Once you hit that time, you’re prepared for the brand new stage of closeness that a slant bar can supply.

Tips for utilizing a slant razor

Blade sampler packs are your pals

You might think about your self a Feather man by means of and thru, however when you make the transition to slant, it’s time to do some blade exploration (which must be achieved with any new razor). See our weblog publish on how you can discover the correct DE blade for you for a step-by-step course of. And be open to the truth that the blade that finally ends up working nicely in your slant bar razor could also be horrible in your authentic DE razor, and vice versa.

Emphasis on (virtually) no strain

You deal with a slant bar razor the identical approach as a regular DE razor, however with even much less strain (and naturally on the right blade angle). The slant bar will do the slicing for you – you don’t want to assist it together with additional strain.


Thomas Wild’s patent


There have been varied variations earlier than the twisted head we all know at the moment got here to be. In 1916, the primary acknowledged patent was filed by Thomas Wild of Britan (though there's nonetheless debate about who filed a patent first – Wild or Merkur).

Wild’s patent drawing reveals an open comb design with a torqued head. You’ll discover that very same head on the Merkur 37C in addition to slant bar razors by Above the Tie and Maggard.

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