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Caribbean Body Butter Crème


Caribbean Body Butter Crème

(46 customer reviews)
4.74 out of 5 based on 46 customer ratings


G Natural Caribbean Body Butter Cream is a perfect mix of nourishing oils combined with Shea, Mango & Kokum butters to infuse moisture in your skin. moisturizes and protects , reduces wrinkles and great for dark spots. Great for dry, cracked skin. Use on ” hands, feet, face and body”.

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G Natural Caribbean Body Butter Cream is a perfect mix of nourishing oils combined with Shea, Mango & Kokum butters to infuse moisture in your skin. moisturizes and protects , reduces wrinkles and great for dark spots. Great for dry, cracked skin. Use on " hands, feet, face and body”. Directions: Rub a small amount of G Natural Caribbean Body Butter Cream into the palm of your hands until melted and apply a thin coat on your skin. Ingredients: Water, Shea butter, Grape seed oil, Olive oil, Glycerine, Coconut oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol, Kokum butter, Illipe butter, Avocado butter, Mango butter, Babassu butter, Organic Goji (and) Carrot oil, Phenoxyethanol (and) Capryloyl Glycine (and) Undecylenoyl Glycine, fragrance.

46 reviews for Caribbean Body Butter Crème

  1. Kareem

    Product is extremely moisturizing. Thick enough (but not TOO thick) to apply easily. Quickly helps cracked, dry feet. Highly recommend!

  2. Jamal

    Quality product and quick delivery

  3. Countess

    I have very dry heels. I have tried so very many different foot creams. Many of these are thin and runny without a chance of soaking in. I can’t imagine how they could work for anyone. Caribbean Body Butter Cream Softening is very thick and smells good too! I think the shea butter is probably the key helper here. I have been using this religiously for a year or so now and haven’t had the slightest crack in my heel since. Do my heels feel like a baby’s bottom?

  4. Calvin

    I know that diabetes can affect your feet in a lot of ways.I am a diabetic and my feet are a major concern for me. This cream softens the bottoms of my feet like nothing I’ve ever used before and it works so good that I have told my endocrinologist to recommend it to her other patients.I would recommend this cream to anyone who cares about their feet.

  5. Terry

    I apply to my feet at night after my shower and in the morning my feet are butter soft. I find using just a little does the trick. Caribbean Butter cream does wonders for me.

  6. Rico

    This stuff is simply incredible! I have calluses on my heels that cracked and are incredibly painful. I went to my doctor about it and she recommended this product. She said it desolves the calluses and she is right! Could not find in stores but as always…I found this site! This stuff works wonders! Highly recommend!

  7. E. Charles

    Before I started using Caribbean Butter cream I had extremely dry, bumpy, cracked elbows and they went back to normal as soon as I put this on. Its my go to butter. The lady named Tracey at Wegmans really sold me.

  8. Bill

    This is a perfect cream lotion for dry feet. My feet get so dry in the winter. Great on your hands too.

  9. Katrina

    After a shower or soaking your feet, I suggest you apply this to keep your feet soft and smooth.

  10. Loretta

    I was using working hands until a friend told me about this stuff. I went to Wegmans and purchased it after talking to someone in the beauty department. She advised me that everyone that uses this product speaks highly about the results. I took it with me to get a pedicure and after the tech applied it she felt my feet and she wanted it. Greatest product ever. I use it on my entire body.

  11. T. Jones

    After purchasing this product and using it on my feet I tossed my old product in the trash. Caribbean Butter Cream smells heavenly. I tell everyone in my office about this product. I even purchased an extra one to keep at my desk.

  12. SocialBunny

    Love it I use it on my arms also. Not oily and greasy. A little goes a long ways.

  13. DoubleD

    Great product! Not greasy, but creamy so rubs in easily. Will tell friends and purchase again.

  14. Hardhead

    I’m in the Army and wear boots most of the time. I have sweaty feet. My feet used to crack or develop things sometimes. This was the perfect solution. Hooked.

  15. Ryan

    I have been using this bottle for almost 2 months and it is almost gone, so there is a decent amount. So thankful I found this cream! None better!

  16. Ed

    Normally I don’t give 5 stars but this does more than what I thought. Love the Castor Oil. Makes my beard grow faster.

  17. Happy Feet

    Arrived on time and was just what I expected my hands and feet after just the first use felt grteat moisturized and soft. Applied it to my heels at night and by morning the cracks ar all gone.

  18. R. Davis

    I have dry feet. Not like “sorta dry”… more like calloused… I suppose it’s because I walk barefoot a lot and I also have wide feet that rub up against my footwear. I ordered this online after trying a lot of the products you can find in your typical Target or Walgreens, even stuff designed for feet. I can say that after using this product for about a week, my feet seem a lot better. Fewer painful cracks. My wife is now stealing swipes every morning. I just ordered her own.

  19. CCW

    This is an okay cream.

  20. Robert

    Made my feet feel really nice and soft, would purchase again. I know the owner he’s from seat pleasant md and I love supporting my brothers

  21. Randall

    I have been using this foot cream for almost a couple of months, and my feet are soft and hydrated. I have used a few different foot creams over the years, some were natural, some were chemical based. It is not scent heavy like some of the other foot creams that I have used in the past, and it absorbs quickly into the skin, but doesnot leave the skin dry. I will continue to use it on my feet. As an added bonus, it also works well on knees and elbows!

  22. Clark

    Works nicely, my feet feel really good.

  23. TJ

    The butter cream is a nice consistency and smells very pleasant! I use it everyday on my feet and it does a great job moisturizing them. It was a very nice cream and a good bargain for the price!

  24. Spike

    This cream works great on my dry feet. It stopped the cracking within two or three days. Great stuff I say.

  25. Lenny

    Great stuff I even use it on my face when going out in the cold.

  26. Black

    man turned my feet totally around removed my deadskin and made my hands look brand new. I even apply it to my beard.

  27. Ali

    my second jar and I can’t tell you how good this product works on your skin. I known to ash but when I apply the butter it last all day.

  28. MC

    I would recommend this product to all my brothers. Does wonders on your feet

  29. Easy B

    Glad I purchased this product. Replaced all my lotions

  30. J Rowlings

    I apply after every shower.

  31. Dee

    Love the smell and turns my dry brittle feet soft and no more cracked heels

  32. DLR

    Just received mine yesterday and made my hands and feet super soft

  33. David

    Breaks down in your hands to penetrate and its not greasy

  34. Jayden

    Wish they made this in a bigger size. I love this

  35. Jacob

    Best moisterizer I ever used

  36. Mason

    I only used this product one time but my initial impression is positive

  37. Antonio


  38. Carter

    I’m happy with the results. Great on my feet.

  39. Dallas

    Alpha Club 4 Men Butter is the best. I have turned so many people onto this product.

  40. Wilt

    Smooth and not gritty. I used it every night on my feet

  41. James

    I used this product all over and as a lip balm.

  42. Montana

    Worked miracles on my extreme dry skin

  43. Allen G

    This product is made with all the top butters and essential oils. Not greasy and it is a keeper for me.

  44. Everette

    Worth every penny. Good product.

  45. Alpha

    Wow. Last a long time. My hands look 100 percent better

  46. Glenn

    Exactly as expected

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