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Alpha Grooming Set 2


Best Razor Bumps Treatment
gnatural Anti-Bump Skin Tonic

Alpha Grooming Set 2


Alpha Grooming Set 2 designed for men that want curl definition with their hair, Clean Face Shave with trimmers or razor.


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Alpha Grooming Set 2 designed for men that want to enhance their natural wave pattern, Clean Face Shave with trimmers or razor. (1) Get It G Razor Relief (1) Caribbean Body Butter (1) Ocean Wave Pomade (1) Anti Bump Skin Tonic Directions Use: Apply the Ocean Wave Pomade to your hair after shampooing and conditioning and let the product dry naturally. Use a brush to help enhance your natural wave pattern. Apply the Get it G Razor Relief to the shaved area. Small pea size amount to your face and under your next. We recommend use everyday to the shaving area. You can also add a small amount to a freshly shaved bald head again applying everyday. Apply Caribbean Hair Growth Pudding to hands, feet, face and overall body. Repairs, reduces wrinkles and dark spots. Moisturizes and replenishes natural oils lost due to excessive hand washing. Apply Anti - Bump Skin Tonic to the shaving area or hairline before using trimmers to shave or outline your hair cut. You can also use Anit Skin Tonic after to knock out the razor burn and cleanse the area to receive the Get It G Razor Relief


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