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Ask Aaron Q/A: The best ways to lather shaving soap in a hard water area

Aaron is requested a query concerning the best ways to lather a shaving soap in a hard water area

Austin Simmons, from the UK, asks:

“Hi Arron, I have recently begun to shave with a shavette and would like to try shaving soap as opposed to shaving cream. However, I live in a hard water area. Normal soap struggles to produce a lather. Will this be the same for shaving soap?”

shaving soap lather

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“Mr. Simmons,

I perceive the struggles of hard water, we too reside in a hard water area and there are a couple methods that may assist. First pre-soak your soap, this helps load extra product into the comb, then load your brush by holding the soap the other way up and making use of the comb upright into the soap. Also when loading your brush begin out being pretty dry, not soaking wet with water. Lastly, I might face lather, constructing the lather into a thick creamy goodness.

Happy Shaving!


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