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Ask Aaron Q/A: Sore skin & small blood spots on chin & neck after shaving

Aaron is requested a query about sore skin & small blood spots on chin and neck after shaving

Andrew James, from the UK, asks:

“Hi there, new to double edge shaving from 18 years of cartridge shaving. Using Merkur HD and only tried Merkur blades so far. First pass WTG generally ok but tried second pass ATG yesterday (after re soaping) which left sore skin and small blood spots on chin and neck – ouch. What blade should I try next? Also, maybe I should stick to one pass, but I would like to do at least two to get a pretty close shave. Would value advice please. Ps; this blog facility is great.”

double edge razor shaving

Take time, focus on primary method, and benefit from the course of, says Aaron


“Mr. James,
I'd first just be sure you are creating your lather appropriately, have a superb blade angle (it ought to be about 30 levels), and getting ready your beard nicely by both showering or a sizzling towel.

Next I'd say that since you're new to shaving with a single edge razor don’t shave towards the grain. At essentially the most proper now go throughout, or perpendicular, to the beard progress. You can also take a second go with the grain too, to extend the closeness of the shave. Shaving towards the grain is somewhat bit superior, and a few say pointless, though it's one thing I follow for an in depth shave.

If you wish to change the blades, I like to recommend the Israeli made blades, Astras, Derby, Lord, Sharks, and Wilkinson-Sword blades. I don’t advocate Feather blades till you're extra comfy along with your shaving method, they're extremely sharp and unforgiving of errors.

I understand it is a lot of knowledge directly. Take time, focus on primary method, and benefit from the course of! Soon you may be shaving simply and nick-free very quickly.

Smooth Shaving!

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