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Ask Aaron Q/A: How do you get a great lather with a shaving soap?

Aaron is requested a query about one of the simplest ways to lather a shaving cleaning soap

Richard Allison, from the UK, asks:

“Hi Aaron, as a recent convert to double edge shaving (and really enjoying it!), I’m interested in trying out shaving soaps instead of creams. I’ve read they are much slicker, which I’d like to experience. At the moment I put a drop of cream in a warm ceramic bowl and work up the lather with my slightly damp brush. How do I use a puck of soap? Do I put it in the bowl and create the lather on top, or do I cover the brush in soap then lather in a bowl? What happens to the left-behind soap if I just leave it on the puck after?”

shaving soap lathering
Using a puck of cleaning soap will not be altogether very completely different than a cream.


“Mr. Allison,

Thanks for a considerate query! Using a puck of cleaning soap will not be altogether very completely different than a cream. The greatest methodology of utilizing cleaning soap appears to be loading the damp brush with cleaning soap, the constructing a lather both in your face or within the bowl. Building a lather on prime of the puck with proceed to make use of extra product which wastes the cleaning soap and makes the lather not as efficient.

Wet shaving evangelist Mantic59 makes use of a number of great strategies on this video which shall be very helpful as you study to make use of cleaning soap. If you depart the lather on prime of the cleaning soap it should simply dry out and grow to be a movie. I’m truthfully undecided if it should assist with constructing a lather the subsequent time you shave nonetheless my guess is it will not make a lot of a noticeable assist. Thank you. Again in your query!

Smooth Shaving!


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