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10 Things Women with 4C Hair Should Know

If you’re like me and have 4c Hair these 10 ideas will change your life!

Well possibly not your life, nevertheless it actually will make your 4C hair a lot simpler to work with.

Looking again I want I knew this data as a result of it could have made my transition to pure hair a complete lot simpler.

Use the following tips and remodel your 4C hair’s well being and manageability…

1. This goes for many pure women, however particularly for 4C women by no means comb your hair when it's bone dry. When you do that you're asking for breakage galore, to not point out a tricky time even getting by means of your hair.

It is finest to comb damp hair however if you happen to prefer to fashion your hair whereas it's dry, all the time put in a product that will provide you with tons of slip earlier than you comb.

2. Avoid utilizing small tooth combs for detangling 4C hair. This is simply asking for it! Always use a large tooth comb and even attempt finger detangling your hair for a extra light method. Like these: Anne Bamboo Wide Tooth Comb or Bass Wooden Brush.

3. Try to not use brushes on 4C hair in any respect. To new naturals this will likely sound humorous, however sure attempt to eradicate your utilization of brushes. Brushes rip and pull at your hair inflicting splits and breakage.

If you need to use a brush in your edges or your nape, use a boar bristle brush, sometimes. Brushing will skinny your hair out so quick; each time I see somebody over brushing their hair it makes me cringe a bit. Girl you're dropping a lot hair doing all that!

4. Wash n’ gos is probably not for you, particularly if you happen to like curl definition. For many 4C women this “shortcut” won't be the route you need to take. If having no definition is cool with you, then by all means attempt it!

However, be ready for enormous shrinkage and matting with your 4C hair.

You could also be higher off doing a pretend wash n’ go, which I outlined right here.

5. You don’t should do something particular to 4C hair if you go to mattress.  Put your hair in a sloppy ponytail or very chunk twists, the objective is simply to forestall your hair from matting.

If you go to mattress with solely a naked bones fro, extra time, your hair will turn into matted, tangled, and the tip outcome might be breakage.

6.  For a few of us moist styling simply doesn’t work on our 4C hair! In reality, it could trigger tangles, matting, and extreme shrinkage.

When you air dry your hair first you'll get a extra stretched out outcome in your fashion and there are much less tangles to deal with.

7. You can use water to moisturize your hair. The trick to utilizing water on 4C hair is4  don't saturate it; calmly spritz it!

You will discover that typically utilizing product all through the week just isn't sufficient. In some circumstances, chances are you'll want only a contact of water to revive the stability.

8. Choose 4C pleasant hairstyles you could persist with for not less than every week and that don't require tons of every day styling. The much less it's important to manipulate your 4C hair the higher.

Lately my puff has been my go to fashion, as a result of I merely moisturize when wanted and go. I liked to make use of the Puff Cuff.

9.  Have a hassle spot? The middle of my head appears to be the driest and kinkiest texture. If you possibly can relate, one of the best ways to deal with that is by making use of extra moisture and conditioner to this space.

Also attempt to lay off warmth on this space and if you do use it use a decrease setting to keep away from dryness.

10. Conditioner is your good friend! Try to deep situation 4C hair as usually as potential. This will assist with moisture points, plus it should enhance your hair’s manageability.

Some good conditioners for 4C hair, that I like to recommend are:

Giovanni Tea Tree Conditioner  

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Smoothie

OBIA Naturals Babassu Deep Conditioner



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